Rubber insulation board daily use and performance advantages

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Eight Advantages of Rubber-Plastic Thermal Insulation Board

(1) Green environmental protection:

_does not contain harmful atmospheric chlorofluoride, in line with ISO14OO international environmental protection certification requirements, so in the installation and application will not produce any harmful pollutants to human body.

(2) Low thermal conductivity:

Rubber-plastic is a high-quality heat-insulating and energy-saving material. It is a cold-insulating, heat-insulating and dew-proof nemesis. Its heat conductivity is low and stable. It has an insulating effect on any heat medium.

(3) Good fire protection performance:

Rubber and plastic materials meet the national standard GB8624 "Building Material Combustion Performance Analysis Method" and are determined to be GB8624B1 class flame retardant materials by testing.

(4) Closed-cell structure:

Rubber-plastic is a closed-bubble structure. Water in the outside air is difficult to penetrate into the material. It has excellent water vapor permeability resistance. There is no need to add a vapor barrier on the surface of the insulation layer. The moisture resistance factor of rubber and plastics is greater than 35OO (ISO9346) to form a built-in waterproof vapor layer, even if the product scratches do not affect the overall vapor insulation. Rubber and plastic are both insulation and moisture-proof layers.

(5) The thickness of rubber and plastics used for thin materials and space saving is about two-thirds less than that of other insulation materials. Therefore, the space above the ceiling can be saved and the indoor height can be raised.

(6) Long service life:

Durkflex rubber-plastic insulation board has excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance, drying resistance, moisture resistance, but also has anti-ultraviolet, ozone resistance, 25-year non-aging, non-deformation, maintenance-free service life and other characteristics.

(7) High-grade, uniform and beautiful rubber and plastic with high elasticity, smooth surface and soft texture can be maintained intact and beautiful even when installed on irregular components such as elbows, tees, valves, etc. The appearance does not need decoration, and even if the ceiling is not suspended, the high-grade property can be maintained.

(8) Easy to install, fast and convenient:

Rubber-plastic insulation board products are often used in buildings or pipes, for insulation of houses or sound absorption and noise reduction, but in addition to building applications, rubber-plastic products are also everywhere in our lives, let's count the rubber-plastic products in our lives.

Speaking of the household application of rubber and plastic products, we have to mention its application in the household appliances industry. With the popularization and use of refrigerators, washing machines and other household appliances, all kinds of household appliances have come to our sight and reached tens of thousands of households. But the safety of household appliances is the most important problem we worry about. According to the survey, most bacteria are transmitted through household appliances, and the corrosion resistance of rubber and plastic products is very strong. The bactericidal property of rubber-plastic can make it stand firm in the household appliances industry. An effective way to solve the problem of bacterial transmission is to use rubber-plastic, which can achieve 99.99% bactericidal effect and has a long bactericidal time. Some refrigerators are made of rubber and plastic pipes. In machinery, the most commonly used means of transportation are also rubber and plastic products. Its anti-seismic properties can help the vehicle to drive stably, so that the driver can drive comfortably. Rubber-plastic board is a relatively new and alternative method of use: piano sound insulation pad, because rubber-plastic insulation board has good shock absorption, sound insulation, closed foaming structure, slightly modified, rubber-plastic board under the piano, that is beautiful and practical.