How to choose special glue for rubber and plastic insulation materials

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Ducken rubber insulation material in the installation of the slot or joint should be used to adhere to the special glue.To extend its service life.The following is the correct use of dehydration during installation:

1. Shake the container before use to make the glue uniform. In the actual installation, use the small pot of glue to prevent it from volatilizing too fast.

2. Use a short stiff brush.

3, the material at both ends of the bonding surface coated with a thin, uniform special glue.

4, the natural drying time of special glue is 3 -- 10 minutes, the length of time depends on the level of glue, atmospheric temperature and humidity, generally should follow: the higher the environmental temperature, the greater the relative humidity, the lower the medium temperature, the greater the pipe diameter material should be thicker;No effect for more than 20 minutes of exposure.

5, when the use of natural drying of the glue, the correct test method for the "finger touch method", with your fingers to contact the coating surface, if the finger will not stick to the surface of the material, and the surface of the material is not sticky hand feeling, can be glued.

6. When gluing, just align the two surfaces of the gluing interface and hold them tightly for a while.

7. If the setting time is too long, so that the two joint surfaces are not sticky when pressed together, please repeat steps 2-6.

8. Normally, two square meters of adhesive surface can be applied for each kilogram of rubber and plastic special glue.

9, usually, special glue cannot be used under 5 ℃, when in 5 ℃, 10 ℃ under the environment of work, please place the glue on the indoor temperature is 20 ℃, need to use when removed.

10, when there is pressure to connect the two materials, do not have to wait until the glue dry, wet bonding method, the first material placed in the installation, the joint of the material on the glue, the correct adjustment of the position of the two materials, will soon be according to your design position bonding firm.

11. Check whether the anti-rust paint room of glue and protective iron pipe is firmly bonded.