What material is the rubber - plastic compound air duct system made of?

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Rubber and plastic air duct material is A kind of rubber and plastic composite material that perfectly integrates the functional external insulation layer, rubber and plastic insulation layer and A combustion internal air duct layer by using the unique polymer patent fusion technology.

Rubber and plastic air duct is a new type of insulation products, with the following advantages:

1. BIM modular design, manufacture and installation

The rubber and plastic air duct system is adapted to the modular design of various types of BIM software, so as to realize the standardized design, production and installation of air duct components, ensure the accurate transmission of information between design, production and construction, improve efficiency and reduce material loss by at least 30%.

2. Quick and convenient installation

Rubber and plastic air duct system factory prefabrication rate of 100%, without on-site processing and production, only the steel rope hanging, zipper stitching, and the use of finished product folding transportation, transportation is simple, low cost.The construction period is less than 1/10 of the traditional air duct, which greatly shortens the construction period, improves the project quality and reduces the overall cost of the project.

3. Green, energy saving and environmental protection

The rubber and plastic air duct system adopts the green environmental protection material, which can greatly reduce the carbon emission in the process of production, installation and use.

4. Transmission performance

The rubber and plastic air duct system is designed to be round and oblate. Compared with the traditional rectangular air duct, the inner layer of the air duct is smoother and has no eddy current.Air duct material smooth resistance, small air flow and pressure loss, can effectively reduce energy consumption.

Note: the friction ratio of the circular duct is 2.1pa/m, and that of the rectangular duct is 2.8pa/m.

Under the same working condition, compared with the circular duct, the rectangular duct with the same diameter can increase the air supply by nearly 1.3 times and reduce the pressure loss by 20-30%.

5. Air leakage performance

The traditional metal air duct is usually connected with flanges, which are not closely fitted.Rubber and plastic wind pipe system adopts Bidirectional self-locking locking technology (BSTS), equipped with Japanese YKK high-performance double sealing zipper, reducing the leakage of air by more than 70%.

6. Thermal insulation performance

Duken patented hot-melt composite technology is adopted to perfectly compound the high quality and environmental friendly duken composite rubber and plastic material as the insulation layer and non-combustible grade air duct.The integrated rubber and plastic air duct, with infinite moisture resistance factor, can effectively prevent water vapor penetration, better insulation performance, and effectively reduce the cold and heat loss in the air conditioning air transmission process.

7, fire performance

Rubber and plastic inner air pipe adopts A class non-combustible air pipe material, which conforms to the national fire prevention code.The outer insulation layer is also made of non-combustible materials, meeting the higher fire prevention requirements of public places and high-rise buildings.The middle insulation layer is made of non-flammable furness rubber and plastic materials, and its fire rating is much higher than that of traditional iron sheet rubber and plastic.

8. Pressure resistance

Different from the shear pressure deformation of rectangular iron duct, the rubber and plastic duct system adopts the shape of circle and flat circle, which can reasonably convert the internal pressure into the transverse tensile force of the pipe wall, and can withstand the pressure above 3000pa-5000pa, much higher than the applicable range below 2000Pa of the traditional duct.

9. Sound absorption and noise reduction performance

Rubber and plastic air duct system is made of flexible materials, will not produce and transfer mechanical resonance and noise, internal composite micro porous structure rubber insulation layer, can effectively absorb and reduce noise.Combined with rubber and plastic compound patent silencing static pressure box application, the system runs more quietly.

10. Comprehensive cost performance

Compared with the traditional rectangular duct, the rubber and plastic duct system is mainly composed of circular and flat ones. It has lower resistance and noise. The inlet wind speed can be designed to be larger, and the air supply per unit area can be larger.