Polyurethane resin raw material

Polyurethane Resin

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Polyurethane Resin
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Invented in 1937, polyurethane has been continuously developed and optimized for better performance. The application scenarios have been significantly broadened since then. . In accordance with the increasing demand for better materials in composite industry, polyurethane has been evaluated, proven and implemented. The extraordinary compatibility between polyurethane and inorganic fibers brings a better performance to the final products. At present, polyurethane has been proven viable and applied widely in pultrusion, filament winding and vacuum infusion process.


The applications can be categorized according to processes 1) pultrusion process: cable tray, cross arm, window frame, pallet, container flooring, etc. 2) filament winding process: utility pole,transmission pole, etc. 3) Vacuum infusion process: windmill blade, etc. Polyurethane has been favored not only for the performance, but for its low order and low VOC which is in accordance with the national regulation trend.


The polyurethane pultrusion resin available by our company is mainly used for cable tray, cross arm, anti-glare board, window frame, door frame, etc. The excellent mechanical and electrical properties can meet the requirements of relevant industries and production efficiency and reliability can be facilitated. .


The polyurethane pultrusion resin is composed of polyol and isocyanate.


Physical and chemical properties: BDBWS160801


Test Method

Polyol Component

Isocyanate Component



Colorless transparent~light yellow liquid

dark Brown liquids

Moisture ,%

GB/T 22313



Viscosity,mPa·s (25℃)

GB/T 12008.7





GB/T 611




Process parameters::


  Proportion: Polyol Component: Isocyanate Component 100:100-125 (Weight Ratio)


  Material temperature: 20-25


  Mould temperature: zone 1 : 80-100 C 

 Zone 2 : 170-190 C.

Zone 3 : 140-160.


  Linear velocity: 500-1500mm/min



Packaging and storage:


  The polyol components are sealed in blue iron drums.


■  The isocyanate components are sealed in red  iron drums.


■  Airtight store in a cool and dry place, avoid contact with the materials such as water, alcohol, amine.


  Storage temperature of the two components are 10 ~ 30 ℃, shelf life is 6 months.