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Polyurethane pole
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  • texture:Polyurethane resin and glass fibers advantage:Feature customized design, ease of assembling and installing. The poles have advantages of light weight, high specific strength, good insulation, UV stability, acid and base resistance, long life cycle and ease of installation.


Polyurethane utility poles were developed for power/signal transmission in various fields. Polyurethane poles are superior than metal poles or concrete poles in aspects such as light weight, high specific strength, flame resistance and corrosion resistance. Polyurethane poles are positioned more appropriate in scenarios such as coastal area, island, mountainous terrain and areas where transportation is inconvenient. The feasibility has been demonstrated in some emergency rescue and windy cases. Polyurethane poles are regarded as products for grid system to further improve reliability.

Product advantages:

Polyurethane composite pole series products are made of glass fiber reinforced high performance polyurethane resin and fiber winding process. Composite pole, unique structure design, assembly, convenient and reliable, with light weight, high strength, good insulation performance, uv resistance and good acid and alkali salt aging performance and long service life, easy to install, make up for the traditional tower, reinforced concrete pole hulking, transportation difficulties, tower material corrosion, shaft crack, tripping rate is high. Product indicators in line with the requirements of national standards related to the industry, and through the China electric power enterprise federation identification.

Technical features:

1, good insulation performance, lightning protection and anti-pollution performance of the line greatly improve the composite material pole as an insulator, blocking the phase to ground flash channel, on the basis of reasonable arrangement of the phase gap and insulation distance to effectively prevent the distribution network lines caused by lightning lightning lightning and pollution lightning accident.

2, light weight, convenient transportation and installation under the same bearing capacity, the weight of composite material pole is about 1/6 of the cement pole, easy to transport and construction, especially in mountainous areas, forests or complex terrain

Region; At the same time, it can help the affected power grid (taifeng, landslides, mountain torrents, etc.) to achieve rapid power rush repair.

3, high strength, good toughness, can withstand large cutting load, resist typhoon damage due to its designability, composite material strength in 180-500mpa, composite material pole products with greater mechanical bearing capacity. The test bending moment of cutting force of electric pole made of high performance composite material can exceed 280kN·m, greatly exceeding the moment of cutting force of m grade cement pole, and its weight is only 1/6 of the latter. At the same time, the electric pole of composite material has good toughness, does not damage under large deformation, and can be self-dependent (elastic deformation). Therefore, the electric pole made of composite materials can effectively resist the typhoon without the occurrence of pole reversing and pole breaking accidents.

4, good corrosion resistance, less maintenance, long service life in acid, alkali, salt and common solvent medium for a long time to maintain high strength, no need for anti-corrosion maintenance work, service life can be up to 20 years or more (declared 80 years abroad). The carbon emission is close to 0, reaching the national green environmental protection standard.