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Polyurethane crossarm

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Polyurethane crossarm
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  • texture:Glass fiber reinforced high performance epoxy resin, compression molding connectors, assembled in patented form advantage:Unique structure design, convenient and reliable assembly, with light weight, high strength, good insulation performance, high molding efficiency, long service life


Polyurethane cross arms are made by pultrusion process. The layup design of glass fibers/mats has been optimized with Ansys simulation tool to secure high specific strength. The products feature ease of installation, light weight, insulation, long life cycle, etc. More importantly, polyurethane cross arms are superior in terms of UV stability, acid and base resistance and salt mist resistance while comparing with competing materials. The performance has been in accordance with national standards and the products are certified by enterprise union.  

Composite crossarm series products for distribution network are divided into two voltage grades, 10kV and 35kV (66kV) according to the voltage grade.

Product advantages:

1. Light material

The pull-extrusion profile of polyurethane composite material is glass fiber reinforced polyurethane composite material with light weight, high strength, the density is only 1/4 of the steel, and the bending strength can reach over 800MPa. The structure is simple and reliable, and the weight of the composite material can be reduced by more than 30% compared with the Angle steel cross arm under the same bearing capacity.

2. Insulation

The pultrusion profile of polyurethane composite material has good insulation performance, and the silicon rubber layer on the surface of the product makes the creepage distance between phase and ground more than 2 times that of the traditional Angle beam. The flashover voltage of pollution, wet power frequency and lightning will be increased by more than 1 time.

3, acid and alkali resistance and aging resistance

Polyurethane composite pull-extruded profiles have excellent uv aging resistance and acid, alkali and salt corrosion resistance. At the same time, the silicon rubber layer on the surface of the product greatly improves the acid and alkali aging resistance of the composite crossarm. Compared with the traditional Angle steel crossarm, there is no need for anti-corrosion treatment and the service life is greatly extended.

4. Convenient installation

The connection of polyurethane composite crossarm and pole adopts the patented connection mode, which can be applied to the transformation of existing concrete pole, as well as the connection with steel pipe pole, composite material pole and other new poles. The installation is convenient and reliable, greatly increasing the application range of composite crossarm.