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Polyurethane cable tray

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Polyurethane cable tray
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  • texture:polyurethane resin and glass fiber advantage:High toughness, fast curing, VOC free


Polyurethane cable trays are mainly for holding and protecting power/signal transmission cables in construction projects.

Polyurethane cable tray is made of polyurethane resin and glass fibers along with other accessories.

Polyurethane features fast curing, VOC free and high toughness of the products therefrom. Polyurethane cable tray has a wall thickness of 2mm while tensile strength is ≧580MPa, Bending strength is ≧805MPa and strain at break of over 7.5%.

The surface of the polyurethane composite cable tray is hard and smooth, with low voids, and the processed and punched edges rarely appear or even have no micro-cracks, showing excellent toughness characteristics of the product, which is conducive to post-processing, such as drilling, mechanical processing and assembly.

The product and the unsaturated resin, the vinyl ester and so on resin product relative ratio, the product weight reduces 55%, each technical index tower above 2~5 times, has the convenient field construction, the extension service life and so on the superiority.